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MAC Cosmetics, stylized as M·A·C, is a Canadian cosmetics manufacturer founded in Toronto in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. The company is headquartered in New York City after becoming a subsidiary of Estée Lauder Companies in 1996. MAC is an acronym for Make-up Art Cosmetics.

Dee mentioned, "I ordered a foundation from MAC Cosmetics. I received a confirmation email and everything...2 days later I received an email stating that they would be unable to process my order. They didn't give me a reason why and didn't return my money and still haven't. I've tried calling and doing the virtual chat...No one has Cared enough to return my correspondences. I'm very upset and wouldn't want anyone else to suffer this same experience. It makes you feel that companies can treat their customers any kind of way and not have to answer to anyone about their bad business practices. Don't waste your time. Go to Amazon. They had the MAC cosmetics. I tried to order and they always contact me immediately about any account discrepancies."


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Huidige werknemer - Retail Sales Manager says

"Je leert veel in een korte tijdsbestek omdat jee het allemaal moet zelf doen door vallen ern opstaan zonder enige begeleiding vanuit je mro. Je volle 100% geven + heel je privacy en wat je voor terug krijgt is dat je niet goed genoeg bent. Je wordt der grond ingetrapt zonder pardon en je mag je mond niet ieën trekken. Je moet verplicht extra werken, maar je mag zelf niet bepalen waarneer je vrij wilt. Artistry is ver te zoeken, want je moet je sale doels voor de dag behalen."

Voormalige werknemer - Anonymous says

"Vreselijke klantenservice, management en werkervaring."

Makeup Artist (Current Employee) says

"I do not like Mac Cosmetics I feel the company has lost its integrity and values and morals there is no room for growth anymore they are laying a lot of people off they are cutting their base salary and to live in a place like New York City there’s no way possible any grown adult and live off of $18 an hour and expected to have open availability."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Always feeling like you could loose your job any moment Toxic!! Cruel and malicious management. Clique like behavior amongst staff. Human Resource litterally will be on speed dail if you work at MAC.Makeup DiscountToxic Environment Emotionally Hazardous"

Maquilleuse professionnelle (Former Employee) says

"Rapide expérience au sein de cette entreprise, qui m'a débauchée d'un CDI en me proposant un CDD suivi d'un CDI. Cependant, pour " raisons budgétaires", cette même entreprise a mit fin à ma période d'essai de 13 jours. J'ai donc démissionné de mon poste en CDI pour me faire remercier avant les 3 mois de CDD convenus. Il est donc difficile d'avoir un avis réaliste et objectif sur cette enseigne, en tout cas sur le plan professionnel Le gros point négatif est la culture américaine et la grosse pression sur le chiffre. Pour quelqu'un comme moi qui apprécie le contact avec la clientèle, ce n'est pas possible dans cette enseigne car il faut être rentable a l'heure ... Difficile de prendre son temps correctement avec une cliente et de passer un moment agréable."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This was probably the worst job I’ve ever had in my life. There was absolutely no support, I worked up to supervisor & ran two locations with 3 other supervisors & no support from our company or our partnered airport retailer. We were underpaid, understaffed, overworked, we didn’t receive yearly pay increases, I was fired for working to bring in Union rights that we were obligated to through our partnered company’s Union agreements. It was the worst job I’ Ever had."

Artist/Retail Sales (Current Employee) says

"a lot of pressure to make numbers ... although a great experience and learned a lot in my 11 years working there what I learned is that this company does not value its employees and no one is irreplaceable all in all this is a horrible company to work for ... I absolutely would never recommend this job to anyonea learning experienceyou can and will be replaced no matter how good a job you are doing"

Cosmetic Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Mac is not a heterosexual Male friendly environment. It is a lot of favoritism. I would not recommend this company to any one. Well the o e that I worked at was in the Atlanta airport. We constantly ran out of products, but there was still a lot of pressure to make our sales goals."

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"This is by far the most unprofessional place I have ever worked. I received zero training on cash or the floor and was some how expected to work both at the same time because there’s never enough associates. There’s also way too many managers and it’s extremely difficult to learn when you have 8 different people telling you how to do the same thing a different way. Managers also like to sit in the back for most of their shifts and talk about personal stuff and then get mad when you disturb them and the amount of swearing managers do while in the work place is ugly. Honestly the problems here are endless and none of your hard work will be appreciatedfriendly staffmanagement"

Artist (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, stressful, not appreciated for your artistry skills you are just a number. No weekends off at all. Wasn’t paid for the first 3 months working at the company.SPC (discount) working with other great artists and learning from eachotherManagement, salary, unsociable working hours, targets"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"MAC Cosmetics exploited their business earlier on instead of preparing for the future trends, and now they put the blame, anxiety and stress on their employees for their lack of planning ahead. However, I did learn how to deal with adversity and for that I am grateful."

Third Key Manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management can not & will not see or accept reality. They are unwilling to help & literally just throw demands, expectations & to top it off inform you as to how awful your store is doing. All while they roll out a new initiative to "Bring Joy", unfortunately upper management must have not gone through the training themselves.DiscountUpper management"

Freelance Makeup Artist (Former Employee) says

"I been freelancing for Mac for two years and let me tell you if you don’t exactly what “third keys” say your out there ! Every single girl that works there is so fake! They act nice in front of your face then talk behind your back for no reason. What you get paid there isn’t enough for everything you do there. You work so hard to get no credit, horrible pay, bad customers and of course dealing with fake people all day. Managers there are the worst! One day I went the whole day without having lunch until my last hour there. The only thing I liked about working there was makeup appointments nothing elseMakeup appointmentsEverything"

Makeup Artist/Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"I've been with MAC for 17 years and I can now say that they have not held any loyalty, we are the least paid cosmetics line, the cutthroat policies & procedure s that they reinvented the last couple of years have driven so many of their talented artists out. The pressure is intense, the whole points system if ur ill, or ur late, or if u don't make a certain month u have begun the slippery slope of write ups/ touch bases. of course I know it's a business but Mac has pushed loyalty to the side.Great discountNo insurance, short hours"

Maquillista (Former Employee) says

"una mala empresa, pero aprendí mucho sobre técnicas de aplicaciónEntrenamiento impartidoUn solo día de descanso"

Artist (Former Employee) says

"This company hides behind a good discount to treat its employee's like dirt. No matter what you do, at the end of the day you are just a number and the only way to move up is if you plan on kissing butt. Managers favor certain people and gossip about everyone else, reminds me of high school days. MAC does not are about your health or family or school. Sure you make some good friends but its an environment that you have to watch your back 24/7 because someone is always trying to reach the top.Good DiscountManagement, Benefits, Work / Life Balance, Drama"

Free Lance Make-Up Artist, Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Would have loved to stay and worked for this company but, it only had so many free lance hours per year, if any. I would still be working for the company but, I somehow got moved off of their list.Exceptional Team Building Skills LearnedDidn't equipt free lancers for jobs"

M akeup Artist (Former Employee) says

"Favouritism, trash-talking, micromanaging, sudden lay-offs, DEmotions, and cattiness are just a few things you can expect working here! If you enjoy being treated like garbage, apply here!"

Stock Supervisor/Visual Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a stock associate...the title is misleading...because I pretty much supervised all the duties and responsibilities for the stock room. It gets pretty boring in the back because theres really no one to talk to and theres no radio at the back...they dont allow it....pretty ridiculous. The job itself is the less stressful position. Your not required to make sales or interact with customers at all. They actually prefer that you dont. You simply have to keep the stock and sales floor stocked and orgranized. This position isnt avaliable in all stores just the ones with more traffic and higher volume/sales. Eg: Yorkdale & Eaton Centre. You will not advance in this company unless you are friends with management. You will not be given more hours unless its holiday season. You have to fit into the culture or else...working there will make your work life difficult socially with mgmt. Your value to the company is how well you sell. Not your work ethics, or skills. Believe it or not this can be difficult to attain because Mac isnt selling like they used to...theres so much competition that customers are buying from online merchants at a cheaper rate. This is how Mac is losing money. Now its quantity over quality. Bonus: 60% off. Amazing for makeup artist. You can build your collection at an afforable rate. Stock up...stock up. Gratis: Stock up. And save the can resell them for great a better value once you've stopped working there. Alot of the items you receive are from limited collections that sell out quickly. So alot of mac collectors60% discount, gratis, makeup certificationLow pay, selling, zero chance of advancement, not enough hrs"

Freelance/On Call Makeup Artist (Former Employee) says

"It felt like high school. Management was very unprofessional and created a hostile work environment. I worked there for over a year and didn't learn anything I didn't already know."

Accounts Payable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"This company is no longer in business Company was not great to work for The owners were not good to the employees and they always put a lot on them. They would not let go of employees who drank on the job so the work culture was not good"

Part-time Retail Artist (Former Employee) says

"There is no such thing as a "typical day at work" when you're an employee for Estee Lauder Companies; owner of the M.A.C. Cosmetics brand. Buckle up for an interesting ride."

Helen Rose says

"Bought two foundations before Christmas and the shades were wrong so I returned them in the original packaging with returns form. Both unopened and sealed. Only one has been refunded. Live chat is permanently offline, no response from phone customer services or from email. Beware there is currently no way of contacting customer services."

Daisy says

"Not a great experience shopping online with MAC. I placed an order with them Christmas Day morning 25/12/2020 and I still haven’t received my order and it’s now the 8/01/2021. I gave them a week expecting to at least receive a dispatched email by then but still nothing. I have sent an email to their customer service department about 5 days ago but haven’t received anything back from then. I finally received my dispatched email yesterday but my item is still sat in transit with no update so probably won’t arrive until next week now. I won’t be ordering online with MAC again. Very disappointing from such a big company, I thought their customer service would be better."

Jennifer Solorzano says

"I placed a order with mac 0n 12/30 I was then sent a shipping confirmation as well as a tracking number I track it it says it was last scanned in Los Angeles so over the next couple days it does not move but I thought it is because of new years so I'm patient but still nothing so I reach out to mac and they inform me my package has not shipped this is on the 6th I was at this point really confused like what do you mean I was sent a Shipping notification along with tracking number I assure you it shipped they say no it has not then I get pissed why would I get a fake shipping notification a fake tracking number this is all really bizarre I don't want to at this point do business with such a weird ass company so I say cancel my order refund me and send me email confirmation on my canceled order please which they did but I can't for the life of me figure out why they just didn't say they were out of what I was ordering or it had not shipped to begin with I could of found something else somewhere else I guess it just surprised me because they are such a big company I don't wear mac makeup I literally was ordering a perfume someone had recommended to me and it was made by mac needless to say macs perfume won't be added to my perfume just thought others should know before they make a purchase from this company and if you do save all your emails and screen shot any conversations you might have with them!!"

Chris B says

"I ordered a lipstick for my daughter's birthday on 28th December and as of the 4th January the lipstick still has not been dispatched! As such, she will not have this lipstick for her birthday. Have now been waiting to speak to MAC customer services for more than 30 minutes and counting. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS COMPANY!"

Bailey Heyes says

"If I could give less than 1 star I would. Ordered Dec 9th, free shipping. No order in sight. Countless messages unanswered to useless courier company used and MAC only to see today order is “return to sender” with no explanation and of course MAC already taken my money. Never order on line/ no communication, useless emails telling me you are busy after allegedly shipping my order Dec 12th"

Rene Sanchez Meza says

"I went to Scottsdale Fashion Square two days ago to buy my daughter’s Christmas gift. As a father, I really don’t know too much about cosmetics, I bought $150 worth of products and I asked the employee about returning the products if my daughter didn’t want them, and she told me that I could change anything. The same day my wife told me that we already had a present for our daughter, so, I decided to go 2 hours after I bought the products to return them, and they told me that it was final sale. She never told me that when I asked about the exchange policy or when I was at the cashier. I expect more from a company like MAC, obviously it’s the first and last time that I buy something from that store with that poor and mediocre service."

CB says

"I placed an order and immediately cancelled it because I was moving and thought the order wouldn’t get there on time and I was right. I was told it would be cancelled and my $153 would not be charged. Then i come to find I was fully charged, and orders were shipped to an address that I was moving from and would not be accessible. I have been calling MAC and getting the run around for 23 days and still no refund in sight. Awful awful customer service experience."

Ryoko Higashi says

"I recently placed an order on a great Black Friday Deal online. Get 5 items for $49. It was too good to be true. I received half my items and never received the rest. I used the "chat" on their site 3 times, each time waiting up to 3 hours for a resolution. The first two times the gals said it was coming, and that it was separate shipment because it was coming from another location. The third time I chatted , the representative said it had something to do with my credit card, so this time I called MAC and it turns out they "temporarily discontinue" an item when they cannot fill it because the demand was too high. This allows them to cancel the items on your order and not have to ship it to you. Then they put it back on their website when the stock is in. Guess what??? I just checked their website and the items are on their website, and the packaging has been changed from pink to silver in their photos. So really, you would run out of an item that is such a staple to your business? What a dishonest practice."

Note Hire says

"Website dont work properly. Honestly looks fake. Dont bother ordering"

Dominick Carzoli says

"Awful service. Been waiting 3,5 weeks for an answer. In stuck in hotline for 1:02h and get disconnected automatically. Tried this 4 times... 4 emails, no response... Chat cant help, they are only there to sell more things. Useless"

DomBert Car says

"Ordered some items on 11th of November, waited a a week and a half and got other products instead in the meantime. I refused the package, went right back to the company. company received the package back on the 27th, still did not get my money back (now 17th Dec). Contacted them a week ago, asking about it, was 1 hour in the queue, nobody answered. Tried the chat and finally they said takes 2 weeks, still waiting for my money. When I call i end up in the queue over 30 mins and the webpage says chat is available every day? Hasnt been working at all when I try. Never again"

SK says

"Terrible customer service - disrespectful and dishonest. I ordered products on November 30th hoping to receive them by December 11 which was when I was leaving for the holidays. After a week of not receiving any shipping updates, I tried tirelessly to connect with customer service to provide them with my holiday address as it was clear I would not receive my order before my flight out. I sent emails, messaged tirelessly on the chat app, and waited on hold over and over. I finally was able to connect with a customer service rep to advise them of my situation and provide them with my holiday address. This individual assured me that my holiday address would be updated and my product would be delivered to where I currently am. I finally received a shipping notification yesterday which stated that the products will be delivered to my residential address not the holiday address which I had provided. Now, I continue to send in emails and attempt to connect with a human with a brain to help rectify this matter. No such luck. I have been a MAC customer for 20 years and after this experience, I will be thinking twice about purchasing from them. Just so disrepectful and ridiculous."

Anahita Boboeva says

"I ordered mac products in 24 November and I learn on 14 December that my products had returned. They say my addresse was not correct although my address was correct and I have never had any issues. Their online chat does not work, their clinent service phone number has more than 30 minutes of waiting time. At last, they say that they have no other solution than to reimburse me and cannot resend my order. The guy cannot even advise me on how I can complain officially... For the price we pay, we can find other decent brands which are more respectful towards their clients. Please avoid Mac Belgium to the extent possible...."

Michele says

"I placed an online order November 30th, during the 30% off sale, which I “received“ yesterday. The problem is I purchased 2 full eyeshadows, mo’ money mo’ problems and haute sauce. I received 4 SAMPLES of YOGURT. WHAT?. I called customer service yesterday, which is worthless. After waiting 30 minutes I was told that they can send out mo’ money mo’ problems but they are out of haute sauce and they can give me a refund. Wth is that? After 10 days of waiting this is the reply? I want BOTH eyeshadows that I PAID for. Five minutes ago I looked online and there is nothing that says haute sauce is out of stock. Generally what most reputable retailers do is inform you that a product is out of stock BEFORE you try to make a purchase and then wait for it and wind up with samples of something else. OR, retailers will REMOVE the unavailable item from your order and credit your account so at least you don’t spend ten days expecting to get what you ordered but then open a box containing something useless. Unreal. I am supposed to be getting a return call from a supervisor. From the comments here I have very little confidence in that."

Hannah Park says

"Waited a month for my package and had to wait for on the phone for them to issue me a refund. I decided to give them another chance thinking it might’ve been a shipping issue. After 20 days of ordering my second package, it has never arrived. Then I notice an email saying they credited my Mac account the money from my first package instead of refunding it to my card. So right now I’m on hold again and $180 ripped off."

Julia Abbruzzese says

"The most horrendous customer service ever!! Omg they should be ashamed of themselves!! I have been on hold last night for hours and tonight even request a call back and they never call back nor answer an email. Go to Nars! Their customer service is impeccable...still no news on my order! Never again!!"

NewBee says

"I recently bought a lipstick from MAC and it showed as delivered but it was never delivered. I contacted customer support and I was refunded for my amount."

Dom says

"I ordered from MAC back in October. A number of items including a lipstick set. When i came to wrap them for Christmas i noticed that the set was missing. Contacted MAC, the set was sold out so no replacement could be sent. This followed having issues getting the Advent Calendar i ordered last year from them too (it didnt get shipped so had to chase up with a weeks delay). Temidayo Johnpeace on the phone was extremely helpful, he arranged for a refund for this missing item and a comolinentary gift be sent out (not that they had much available). So thanks to him, and good to at least get a refund but missing a present that was sold out everywhere wasnt ideal to resolve at short notice. Wary of using MAC again having had problems with orders a couple of times now. I would suggest they improve their warehouse picking snd shipping to avoid these issues. Will make me more viligant in checking orders when i make them from now on." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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